Nuserey operations at Alamere Herbs and Botanicals focus on herbs and fruits that nourish and balance our bodies, flowering plants that support biodiversity and healthy populations of beneficial insects, and indoor plants to enhance the ambiance and air quality of living and working spaces.

Our plants are grown in soil mediums made with organic ingredients and our own farm-made composts and worm castings. Our soil mediums are mixed by hand, often several batches are made each week during the busy season. Mixing soil our selves allows us to optimise growing mediums for each crops specific needs. In addition to creating healthy, living soils, we feed our nursery stock and field crops with various liquid “teas” brewed right here on the farm. These preaperations incorporate varous organic materials that are fermented, so that the materials are broken down and available for uptake by plants. Common ingriedients include: bat guano, kelp, nettle, worm castings, compost, horsetail and most notably comfrey (see link: Comfrey Tea How-To).

Larger orders of many plant starts are available, please Contact Us for more information.

img_0359Perennials and houseplants are usually available throughout the year. Most annuals are available spring to fall. Our full selection of nursery starts can be found at The Olympia Farmers Market, Click here for hours and location of Olympia Farmers Market.  Please Contact Us with questions or find out when we are open for on-farm sales.

Food Stamps are accepted at our Olympia Farmers Market booth. Food Stamps can be used to purchase plant starts that produce eatable or medicinal parts (roots, leaves, flowers etc.). This includes plants used for seasoning food or to make teas.

Some of the plants we grow: