Arnica is known world wide for its anti-inflammatory properties. Arnica makes an excellent topical treatment for sprains, bruising, inflammation and swelling. Also used for arthritic joints. Arnica is commonly used on dogs to relieve joint pain. The medicinal components of Arnica are found in their leaves and flowers, with the more potent source being the latter. Arnica can be infused into an oil (like olive oil) or alcohol (like vodka) at home to create topical treatments. Both of the Arnica varieties we offer are high in medicinal components. We offer well established, 2nd year Arnica plants in 1 gallon pots that will yield an abundance of flowers this summer.

Mtn. Arnica:

Patch forming herbaceous perennial. Grows 2-3 ft tall. Keep soil moist as plants are establishing, mature plants are drought tolerant. Mtn. Arnica produces large quantities of midsized yellow flowers. Grows well in rocky soil.


Meadow Arnica:

Native, medicinal. Prefers moist acidic soils, shade tolerant, grows to 2ft tall. Large, showy, yellow daisy-like flowers are easy to harvest and make excellent medicine. Flowers earlier than most Arnica varieties.