Calendula officinalis

Annual, eatable (flowers). Plant grows 2-2.5ft tall. Alamere Herbs & Botanicals offers a medicinal variety of Calendula with almost neon orange blossoms.  This strain was selected for it’s good size blossoms (about 2in diameter) and high resin content. Calendula is an easy to grow and attractive flower. Plant in moderately fertile soil and keep moist until plants are established. Calendula is fast growing and long lived, often continuing to flower into October. To maximize flower production, trim off flower heads once they begin to wither and set seed. Our Calendula produces large quantities of fertile seed, which can be dried and saved or alcalendula-dryinglowed to self sow. Mature seed heads removed from the plant on a hot summer day often do not require any drying before they are stored away.
Medicinally, Calendula is antiseptic, healing and anti-inflammatory. It is often applied to cuts, scrapes and burns to prevent infection, speed healing and reduce scaring. Applied to insect bites, Calendula will help relieve pain and itching. Calendula tea drunk regularly will help heal stomach ulcers.