Comfrey grows quickly and in soils that are low in nutrients, although some compost or fertilizer will help new plants get established. Because Comfrey has a deep taproot, it is able to access nutrients and water deep in the soil. These nutrients are present in Comfrey leaves and roots making them a valuable source of nutrients for plants and livestock. Comfrey leaves can be harvested and used as a green mulch. As the leaves break down they will release their nutrients back into the soil. Chickens swarm over a handful of Comfrey leaves tossed in their coup. Comfrey is also a high-fertility ingredient for compost. If you have Comfrey growing wild all over your yard, make compost and put a lot of Comfrey in it. Comfrey Tea is an excellent and easy to use source of nutrients for plants. See our “Comfery Tea How-To” to learn more about Comfrey Tea and how to make it. For a more in depth look at Comfrey see the article “Historical and Conventional uses of Comfrey” by Cameron Skinner

Comfrey Plants:

Alamere Herbs & Botanicals offers well established Comfery Plants in 4 in pots (pictured) and 1 Gallon pots.