Eucalyptus stellulata

Hundreds of eucalyptus varieties exist in the wild, most are native to Australia. While many eucalyptus varieties grow in hot and dry climates, with so many varieties to choose from, we knew sooner or later we were going to find a variety that grows well in the pacific northwest. Our search began by conducting trials with seeds collected from wild trees in California and seeds ordered from various seed suppliers around the country. Eucalyptus seeds usually germinate well and seedlings grow quickly in the greenhouse. But during these early trials the varieties we chose would rarely come through winter without heavy frost damage or complete loss. Our luck would change when we found a mature, seedbearing eucalyptus tree growing in the South Bay neighborhood of Olympia WA, right next to the South Bay fire department. The tree, a healthy Black Sally eucalyptus or Eucalyptus stellulata, reaches about 25ft tall, and gets the name Black Sally because, on mature trees, the bark on the lower section of the trunk becomes dark, almost black. Our Black Sally eucalyptus trees have large (3-4in), elliptical leaves and a full-bodied, potent eucalyptus aroma. Black Sally eucalyptus is hardy to 15 deg F, and likes to be planted in an area with good sun exposure and good soil drainage. Usually requires no watering once established. Makes a good house plant.

Black Sally Eucalyptus: 

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