Perennial, medicinal. Nettle is very nutritious and high in minerals. Nettle is a nutrient rich tonic for spring cleansing or anytime one needs a little health boost. Nettle can be consumed after processing; cooking, drying, steeping or grinding in the blender will end nettles ability to sting. I like to harvest Nettle in spring and early summer, dry it and store it away in jars. On hot summer days, I put a handful of leaves in a jar of fresh water and place it in the sun, where it steeps until I am ending my work day and ready for refreshment. Try Nettle with Green Tea or Peppermint tea. Nettle is popular in pesto as a basil substitute. Try in soups, on pizza, in tacos; Nettles mild flavor goes with almost any dish.

Grow in moist soils in part shade to full sun. Grows up to 3 ft tall. Allowed to go to seed, nettle will spread and, given the proper conditions, can form small thickets. Often re-sprouts in spring from roots that were dormant over winter..