Bodycare & Natural First-Aid


“The most potent herbal medicine is made from the highest quality plants.”

With this thought at the fore, Alamere Herbs & Botanicals was founded in 2011. In order to gain a foothold in a world with highly educated and talented Herbalists, we decided to craft traditional herbal products from plants we grow or wild harvest on lands impacted as little as possible by modern industrial society. When we create medicines from plants we grow and harvest, we have complete confidence that the herbs we are using are among the best quality available. From the moment our seeds are sown, we are the stewards of these plants, and provide for them as best we can, so that they may aid us when we call upon them.

Most of our handmade body care and first-aid products are centered around* infused oils. Infused Oils are created when herbs are extracted into a carrier oil, like coconut oil or olive oil. To put is as simply as possible; making an infused oil is a lot like making Tea (such as Green Tea or Peppermint Tea), the difference being that oil is used for a solvent* instead of water. Compared to water, oils are much better at dissolving essential oils, resins, and certain other medicinal constituents of herbs. Infused oils are good choices for applying herbs topically and are less processed than creams, lotions or gels.

Food for thought:

In a pinch, olive oil is great for moisturizing, protecting and replenishing chapped lips. If you infuse that same olive oil with Calendula flowers and apply to chapped lips, you will experience Calendulas ability to revitalize and heal (Calendula tea is used to sooth and heal stomach ulcers and makes a calming rinse for sunburned skin). Chapped and/or cracked lips will be soothed, hurt less and dead skin will begin to brake-up, healthy skin will emerge. In other words, using Calendula infused olive oil will heal lips more quickly and completely than 0live oil alone.